Automation and Robotics Study Path 1, 24-32 cravaa tulostusnäkymä

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The study paths are for you who are aiming for a degree studies. You must have the following study abilities: independent study skills, interaction and teamwork skills, fluent writing skills, basic IT skills (computer management, word processing, e-mail, electronic services) and sufficient language skills, ie at least B2 level in English.

See more detailed information related to study abilities.


Consists of 1.year Automation and Robotics degree studies. The final number of credits may vary if support courses are needed. Exclusively for Study Path 1 students there is Study Path 2 next spring, enrollment will be from 16 to 29 October 2023.

    21.08.2023 - 19.12.2023
    13.08.2023 mennessä
    Jyväskylä, Rajakatu 35
    For those who aim at the degree programme in Automation and Robotics.

By completing the study path studies, you can apply through the open route and enter the degree studies without entrance exams.

After completing 55 ECTS credits in the Open University of Applied Sciences (UAS), the student can apply for the Degree Programme via Open Study Path. Please note that accredited studies cannot be recognised in 55 ECTS credits. Only Campus Online -studies completed during the Study Path studies in UAS can be recognised.

JAMK InnoFlash 2 cr

Math1 Equations 3 cr

Phys1 Force and Motion 3 cr

Electrical Engineering 1 4 cr

Electrical Engineering Laboratory Work 1 cr

ICT Skills 3 cr

Programming 1 4 cr

Development as an Expert 2 cr

Basics of CAD 2 cr


Elective studies:

Preparatory Mathematics 3 cr

Math1 Support 1 cr

Finnish 1 4 cr (compulsory for non-Finnish speakers)


Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Please make sure with your tutor teacher during your studies that you will receive the 55 credits needed for applying for degree studies via Open Study Path during the academic year (study path 1 and 2), especially if you are a Finnish speaker.


Your studies will start with orientation programme during 21.8.-25.8.2023. There is a full programme during the orientation week.


150 €

If you are an unemployed jobseeker or an asylum seeker, the studies are free of charge. In this case, do not proceed to online payment and use the secure email to submit the certificate without delay. Instructions:

With the study path fee, you can take the studies included in the path and, if possible, additional studies during the path.

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Five students will be admitted into the study path based on the enrolment order.

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    If you are a customer of TE Services, please note that studying in this path is considered full time (more than 5 cr per month).

NOTE! International students may need a visa or residence permit for Open Studies, depending on their citizenship. Residence permits are not granted for studies at open universities or open studies. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.