Future Technology in Tourism, 5 cr (Campusonline)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    20.03.2023 - 19.05.2023
    05.03.2023 mennessä
    Online Course
Edeltävä osaaminen
    Basic knowledge in tourism business.
    The object of the course
After the course you are aware of the trends and new technological applications in global tourism business.
You will know how to innovate new technological applications and consider possibilities and challenges in new technology.

Course competences
MTMCU Customerships
MTMNE Networks
MTMPT Profitable Tourism Business
MTMRE Responsibility
MTMTI Tourism Industry

The learning objectives of the course
You understand the significant role of new technological innovations in the development of tourism business. You have a broad understanding of the possibilities that new technologies offer to tourism. You have basic knowledge of the design and innovation process of new technological applications. You are capable to design a new application concept based on future technology in tourism.
    The principal contents of this course are (1) Trends in tourism technology, (2) New technology and its applications in tourism and hospitality business, (3) Innovation process and practices.
    Video lectures and webinars, reading materials, information search, online discussions, independent assignments (eg. quiz). Project work incl. written report and video presentation.

Required tools: fast Internet connection, computer, MS Office, Zoom.
    Dodgson, Mark; Gann, David; Gann, David M.; Salter, Ammon & Salter, Ammon J. 2008 The Management of Technological Innovation. New York: Oxford University Press. Chapter 3 Technological Innovation.
Hvid, A. & Pedersen, J. B. 2016. Face the Future: What disruption and exponential acceleration means for you? Bookboon.
Yeoman, I. 2012. 2050 - Tomorrow's Tourism. Bristol: Channel View Publications. Chapter 5 Edinburgh 2050: Technological revolution.
Other online materials provided during implementation.
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    The course code is MMTE1000-3003. Use the code to view the course schedule at https://lukkarit.peppi.jamk.fi. NOTE! Online courses may not have a schedule.

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