Global Team Leadership, 3 cr, Master's level (Campusonline)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    07.06.2021 - 23.06.2021
    25.05.2021 mennessä
    Teams have become global, multicultural and highly virtual everywhere. In addition, they must be ready for radical 'resets' in short notice, through the continuous operational reorganizations, M&As, partnerships, and outsourcing agreements. And the speed of change is not getting any slower.

However, most team management disciplines still live in 20th century nostalgia, preparing fragmented 'half-made' leaders. Reflective, but not active. Abundant principles, but insufficient tools. Managing change, instead of living with ongoing change. Leaders are expected to activate their teams “ready to go” from day one. They need actionable, flexible and reality-based competences.

This is exactly what this course will provide. A comprehensive hands-on preparation for students that aim to move quickly to management positions. Conceptually solid, but action oriented skills, delivered in a pragmatic way, for participants to be able to put them in practice right after the completion of the course.

Global Team Leadership topics.

PART 1: GLOBAL TEAM DESIGN • Global Team Setup: Rapid Activation Roadmap • Team Configuration Alternatives: Individual Operations vs. Groups vs. Fully Fledged Teams. Hybrid Team Configurations. • Team Strategy Design Tools: Hands-On Team Results, Projects and Actions Mapping. Practical Stakeholder Assessment • Focus / Time Management Tools

PART 2: EFFECTIVE TEAM MANAGEMENT • Virtual / Face to Face / Blended Team Role Design: Functions, Interrelationships and Responsibilities • Team Energizing: Motivation Enhancement Tools • Working Rules: Minimalistic High Impact Blueprints • Team Leader Autonomy Setup Modes: Authoritarian (Manager-Led), Self-Managed, Self-Directed and Self-Governed Teams • Performance Assessment / Task Implementation Tools • Zero-Waste / No Bureaucracy Communication Tools: Agile Result-Oriented Interactions • Human Capital & Team Competence Development Tools: Ensuring Optimal Professional Growth from Any Team

PART 3: MULTICULTURAL TEAM LEADERSHIP MASTERY • Lifelong Multicultural Management Intelligence o Effective Cultural Dimensions Mapping o Similarities, Differences, Cautions • Leadership and Management in Global Settings o Building Global DNA in Every Team o Clashes, Cultural Crisis and Solutions

    The course follows face-to-face learning methods where students participate in online lectures, workshops, and other study activities organized via online. Furthermore, a student also completes individual assignments utilizing virtual study platforms and materials.
    The lecturer will provide the materials package.
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