Intercultural Leadership in Social and Health Care Systems, 5 ECTS, (Master’s level, CUAS Summer School)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    As global movement of workforce is increasing in the field of social and health care, the need for organisations’ provision of efficient integration for culturally and linguistically diverse employees has strongly been recognised.
This Master's level course provides knowledge and understanding of cross-cultural management and leadership issues in social and health care systems, particularly focusing on intercultural communication, diverse teamwork, digital innovations, and cyber security.
    05.06.2023 - 09.06.2023
Last enrolment date
    School of Health and Social Studies (Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä, Finland)
Target group
    This enrollment link is ONLY for the students of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.
    After completing the course, the student will be able to:
• Understand and discuss fundamental issues in intercultural leadership
• Evaluate, compare, and summarize various theoretical propositions of intercultural leadership and management
• Understand the principles of self and peer management and develop knowledge into skills and competence in intercultural and interdisciplinary teamwork in the context of social and health care
• Examine the integration strategies and models to support the adaptation of international employees into health care environments
• Recognize common cyber threats in the health sector and know how to protect, based on human activity, information systems from them.
    Key themes:

• Cross-cultural management issues in social and health care
• Intercultural communication
• Leading interdisciplinary and diverse teamwork
• Health care cyber security
Further Information
    Kristina Grahn (
Other info
    Summer school starts with an orientation session on Wednesday 17th May at 17-19 (Helsinki time zone: UTC+2) via ZOOM (a link will be sent to you). All students will participate to this online session.

Summer School, intensive study week 5.-9.6.2023
Course programme:
9 am Welcome to Summer School! Group activities
11 am What is Jamk about? Introduction to the week: Programme, themes and assignments.
12-1 pm Lunch
1 pm The must know facts about cyber security and health care (Senior lecturer Tiina Blek)
Group activities
Later on Social activities for students

9 am Multilingualism as a special competence now and in the future - perspectives of superiors in the social and health care sector (Senior lecturer Jenni Koivumäki)
11 am Group activities & learning cafe (lecturer Kristina Grahn)
12-1 pm lunch
1 pm Sdg3 meets sdg13: let’s talk “planetary health” (Dipl. Psych., Senior lecturer Andrea Stitzel, Carinthia University of Applied sciences)
Traditional finnish summer eve experience at Varjola (4:30 pm - 9 pm)

Field visit day in small groups
3 pm Benchmarking: feedback from the field visits Rajakatu campus C119
Social events for students at night

9 am Strategies to support international workforce integration (Senior lecturer Suleiman Kamau)
Leading diverse teamwork (Lecturer Kristina Grahn)
11 am Visiting technology-lab at Rajakatu
12-1 pm lunch
1 pm Group activities, poster-making

9 am Conclusive seminar & poster presentations
11 am Take home -messages & diplomas
12-1 pm lunch
1 pm Travel home

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