Basics of Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages, 5 Cr, (Online course)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    31.08.2020 - 30.10.2020
    21.08.2020 mennessä
    Online course
    To know the basic ingredients, production methods and producing areas for the most important alcoholic beverages.
To be able to provide information and advice about the alcoholic beverages to customers and staff in hospitality business and alcohol sales.
To be able to produce analytical tasting notes of wines using
industry recognized tasting terms.
Is able to reflect one's own learning process.
    The factors affecting the style, quality and price of wines.
The main wine producing countries and grape varieties.
Most important styles of wines, strong alcoholic beverages, beer and cider.
Sustainable approach to alcoholic beverages as whole.
    Course is online course that includes webinars and independent studies based on literature
    Suggested reading material:

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Puckette, Madeline & Hammack, Justin. 2015. Wine folly -The essential guide to wine
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The Oxford companion to beer. 2012.

Finns might check also the following:

Aho, Kimmo ; Autti, Niko ; Siitonen, Timo. 2009. Mikosta mestariksi –baarityön käsikirja
Aho, Kimmo ; Salminen, Samu. 2013. Kaikkien aikojen drinkit
Lehtinen, Aniko. 2014. Yks olut
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