Road to Hackathon, 3 cr (nonstop) (CampusOnline)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    31.08.2020 - 31.12.2020
Last enrolment date
    This is a nonstop online (totally virtual) course. You can schoose the time and place yourself.
There are three mandatory assignments:
- pre-assignment (hackathon "game plan", possible roles and short analysis of the challenge)
- hackathon learning diary
- final presentation (3 minute pitch as a recorded video)

One credit (1 Cr) corresponds to an average of 27 hours of work.
- video lectures 4 h
- pre-assignment 12 h
- attending the actual hackathon 48 h
- writing the learning diary 12 h
- making/finilising the presentation 5 h
Total 81 h
    Materials in the e-learning environment. Slides and related video presentations, links to web-based guides such as
    free of charge
Further Information
    Course is co-curated by Lauri Mäkinen, who has won multiple categories in the biggest hackathons in Europe with his team.
Cancellation terms
    Please cancel your studies via email: Include in your email the name of the course you are cancelling and your contact information. Thank you!

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