Simulation Game, 5 cr

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    17.02.2020 - 02.03.2020
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
    Basic understanding of core processes of a firm (marketing, strategy, financial management)
    - Employ theoretical and conceptual knowledge to identify and analyze business problems in global contexts
- Identify and place into practice information-based decision making approaches to business and managerial problems
- Gather, analyse and evaluate business data and information and transform empirical data into useful and actionable information
- Apply proven theoretical and conceptual knowledge of global business challenges in multicultural contexts
- Operate effectively within a multicultural team environment demonstrating teambuilding, leadership and intercultural communication skills
- Communicate effectively in English in oral, written and electronic formats using communication and information technology for business applications, and is able to prepare and present reports and presentations
    The course consists of:
- start-up tutorings sessions of the game interface and schedule
- playing the simulation game in teams (of JAMK students and potentially also tems of foreign partner universities) in a practice round + pre-decided nr of actual game rounds
- analysing the achievements of teams in the game and linking the results to decisions made and market conditions
- reporting of the reuslts of the team and refelcting the learning occurred
    Mostly remote on-line work individually and in teams. After tutorials free from place and time in when and where exactly to act. Deadlines of game rounds need to obeyed.
    - The decision-making guides + tutorial videos supplied by the game developer
- model reports of results analysis and learning reflection
- the game (online) interface
    75 €
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    The simulation game played and/or the game settings change from one implementation to another.

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