Strategic Human Resource Management, 5 cr (Master`s level)

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    02.09.2019 - 20.12.2019
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    Online course
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    BBA in business or economics or equal
    After completion of the module the student is able to conduct a strategic review. The student knows how to utilise different HR strategies for the benefit of global businesses. The student is able to analyse the strategic integration and the actual fit of firm's HR policies and practices to its corporate and business strategy. The student is able to create a development plan for HR in order to improve the organisations overall performance.
    The course content will focus on the strategic management process, different types of strategies and the role of strategic human resource management in international context. In addition topical HR metrics, benchmarking, high-performance work systems, employee engagement, diversity and sustainability issues will be addressed.
    Lectures (for international business management students), virtual studies (for entrepreneurship and business competence students),independent study assignments, final case.
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