JAMK Pre-Incubator, 5 ECTS

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    27.09.2018 - 29.11.2019
    05.10.2018 mennessä
    For students from Gradia and Jyväskylä University and for students graduated from JAMK within a year.
Edeltävä osaaminen
    Students have a business idea on which they will be working during coaching.

Students are admitted to the JAMK Pre-Incubator by their applications.
    Students are able to realistically assess the profitability of their business ideas, as well as their own capacity to implement them. To assess the profitability the student should be able to draw up a preliminary business plan, the necessary calculations, and a sales and / or marketing plan.
    A business plan, commercialisation, pricing, market analysis, competitor analysis, marketing and sales plan, profitability calculations, sources of funding.
    Workshops, independent tasks for developing student’s own business idea, coaching and consultation
    The material will be defined at the beginning of the course in according to the needs of students´ goals for learning.
    75 € (This course is free for students from JYU and Gradia and staff)
Lisätietoja ilmoittautumisesta
    Additional information -field: in what academy you are studying (Gradia, JYU, graduated from JAMK). If you are stydying in Gradia or JYU, use your studentemail.
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