Spanish 1, 5 cr

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    14.01.2020 - 12.05.2020
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
    The students will have basic knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, and they will be able to apply it in everyday life.
    Interaction in basic everyday situations, e.g. greetings, introducing oneself and others, languages and countries, family, calendar, time, interests, restaurant and opinions. The central grammar deals with verb conjugation in present tense.
    Combined face-to-face and distance learning. Contact teaching, exercises in pairs and groups, brief written and oral assignments, independent study.
    1) Mäkinen M., Riiho U. & Torvinen M. 2006 (or newer). ¿Qué tal? 1 Tekstit ja sanastot. Tammi.
2) Mäkinen M., Riiho U. & Torvinen M. 2006 (or newer). ¿Qué tal? 1 Kielioppi ja harjoitukset. Tammi.
Chapters 1-8. Translations in English will be provided for non-Finnish speakers.
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    A similar course implemented in Finnish: Espanja 1, ZZCH1110

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