Professional Project Management, Study Path 20 op (Master`s level)

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    This study path is a part of the Master's degree programme in Professional Project Management. In 2020 you can start your studies via the study path in Open University of Applied Sciences.
Study path studies allow you to earn enough credits to apply via the open study path and get admitted to degree studies.

The study entity is fully implemented online with independent and team-based web studies, webinars, web lectures, presentations and seminars. So a student can complete courses conveniently regardless of place – wherever best suits him. A large part of a course is also time-independent, but not all.
    04.09.2020 - 31.05.2021
    16.08.2020 mennessä
    Online studies
    Professional Project Management is intended for individuals in a variety of fields who wish to broaden their capabilities in project planning, management and leadership roles. The aim of the studies is to deepen their knowledge in different areas of project management.

Expertise in Project Planning 5 ECTS

Managerial Accounting 5 ECTS

Project Management and Agile Methods 5 ECTS

Researched-based Development 5 ECTS

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