Electronic Customer Services, 5 cr

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    16.01.2020 - 12.04.2020
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    Online course
    The student understands the role of different e-services as part of the customer journey and digital customer experience.
The student recognizes the opportunities offered by e-services for business in the sector they have opted to focus on.
The student has a basic knowledge of the user-centred design and evaluation of electronic services.
    E-services and technologies as part of customer journey.
The basics of user-centred design.
Analytical evaluation of existing e-services.
    The primary mode of delivery is virtual learning. Includes video lectures/ webinars, assignments and group work.
    Law, R., Buhalis, D., Cobanoglu, C. 2014. Progress on information and communication technologies in hospitality and tourism. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 26, 5, 727-750.
Still, B. 2017. Fundamentals of user-centered design: A practical approach. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.
Tullis, T., Albert, B., Albert, W. & Tullis, T. 2008. Measuring the User Experience. Morgan Kaufmann.
Other current online material (articles, reports, videos etc.) to be specified during the course implementation.
    75 €
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