Basic Leadership Skills, 5 cr

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    12.02.2020 - 29.04.2020
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
    Student knows how to: identify leadership definitions, theories and styles, use the
emotional intelligence skills and the concept of mindfulness and apply it in a personal and professional context.

(KU1) Employ theoretical and conceptual knowledge to identify and analyze
business problems in global contexts.
(PS2) operate effectively within a multicultural team environment demonstrating
teambuilding and intercultural communication skills.
(TS2) exercise initiative and take personal responsibility for one’s own work in
terms of timeliness, professional behaviour, personal motivation and planning skills.
    The course will provide a basic understanding of Leadership: historical
background, definitions, selected theories and styles. This course is designed to:
1. Learn the differences between leadership and management.
2. Increase the students’ understanding of the concept of (business) leadership from
the perspective of the leading of the Self and that of the Leadership Experience
(relationship with people/stakeholders/followers).
3. Experience the concepts of mindfulness/meditation
4. Understand and Experience the 4 human intelligences and their role in performing a balanced and holistic leadership style in the digital era

The student will develop basic understanding of the leadership definitions,
theories and styles. The student will become familiar with the main elements of
the practice of the leading of the Self and other people. He or she will become selfaware
and aware of the needs of others in developing the skills of listening,
reading and inspiring people in the working environment using the components of
the emotional intelligence. The student will acquire the knowledge of the
leadership and will put it into action. The self-awareness and the experiential
learning process of the students will be facilitated by introducing the concept of
the Emotional Intelligence and the principles of Mindfulness.
    - Lectures/Videos
- Practical coursework and challenges
- Project-based teamwork
    Teacher's presentations/handouts
Leadership Experience, 6th Edition, Richard L. Daft – CENGAGE Learning 2014
    75 €
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