Finnish 3, 5 cr

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    09.09.2020 - 16.12.2020
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
    JAMK Finnish 2 or equal skills
    You will learn the essential parts of the Finnish language structure (verb tenses, sentence structure, noun declination). You can communicate in familiar everyday life situations (e.g. shopping, offices). You can describe your own area of studies and tell about your home country and background. You will be introduced to the typical features of the Finnish communication culture and education system as well as self-study methods.

You can understand simplified conversation concerning topics of personal importance. You can open and close a brief dialogue. Pronunciation is comprehensible. You can retrieve information from simple texts with the help of a dictionary. You can write a simple formal style description of your own life. You are aware of the differences between formal and informal language registers.
    You will learn to:
understand and use everyday expressions in familiar situations, e.g. shopping
describe your background and career
describe and discus about your own home country.

You will study:
reading and listening comprehension
self-oriented language learning outside the classroom
language learning strategies
communication culture in Finland.
    classroom teaching
    Oma Suomi 2
    75 €.

As of 1 January 2020, courses at JAMK open UAS are free for unemployed jobseekers and asylum seekers. This is a trial that will last until the end of 2021. Therefore, registrations made between January 1st 2020 and December 31st 2021 are free-of-charge.
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    Contact teaching: Wednesdays 7.9.-18.12.2020 at 16:00-18:30 (excluding week 42)

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