JAMK Inno Flash

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    10.10.2019 - 04.12.2019
Last enrolment date
Target group
    Bachelor's degree
    YHTOP Learning skills
YHTTE Working life skills
YHTTO Information management skills
YHTYO Entrepreneurship skills
    The student masters the basic principles and stages of a user-oriented method (Design Thinking) in customer-driven problem solving.

The student is able to apply a user-oriented method and act as an active member of the development team in different stages of the method and share the result of their development team.

The student assesses their own actions and those of their team critically in the execution of customer-driven problem solving. The student reflects the development of their own competence and supports the competence development of the members of their team.
    During InnoFlash, the students solve actual working life problems in multidisciplinary student teams. During the course, the students apply the Design Thinking concept and operating model based on which concepts that provide the customer with added value are created.

The solution concept is tested with potential customers and presented to the commissioner.

During the studying process, the students practice the critical assessment of their own actions and those of their team and the reflection of their competence development.
    face-to-face learning, week 45 and distance learning
Further Information
    Matti Mieskolainen, matti.mieskolainen@jamk.fi

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