International Logistics Study Path 1, 30 cr

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    Consists of 1.year Logistics Engineering degree`s studies.
    26.08.2019 - 20.12.2019
Last enrolment date
    Jyväskylä, Rajakatu 35
Target group
    For those who aim at the degree programme in Logistics Engineering.
    Prior to the commencement of your studies, read the instructions for new students at > Starting the Studies. You will be provided with instructions on matters such as what kind of pre-assignment you will need to complete for your studies before the studies begin.
Further Information
Other info
    The intake is 5 students according to the time of enrollment.

If you are a customer of TE Services, please note that studying in this path is considered full time.
Courses of this course chain
ICT Skills, 3 cr
Development as an Expert, 3 cr
Communication Skills for Working Life, 3 cr
Finnish 1, 4 cr
Algebra and Geometry, 5 cr
Physics 1, 5 cr
Electrical Engineering, 4 cr
Introduction to Logistics, 3 op

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