International Business Speaking, 3 cr (Online Summer School)

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    01.06.2020 - 17.06.2020
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    Online studies
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    The academic content is suitable for both Bachelor's and Master's level.
    This course will help you compose and deliver effective--compelling, ethical and well-organized--extemporaneous oral presentations appropriate for a variety of professional contexts. Through frequent guided practice, you will learn to analyze audiences and effectively adapt your oral communication for different organizational stakeholders.
    Overcoming fear of speaking, speaking ethics, audience analysis, credibility, attention and interest, informative strategies and presentation aids, persuasive strategies and motivational appeals, crisis communication
    Video lectures and moderated discussion sections will augment primary and secondary readings to help you meet the following objectives: (1) Compose and deliver effective oral and group presentations on international business-related topics, (2) Engage in critical and analytical communication analysis, (3) Assess and achieve opportunities for personal and professional improvement as a public communicator.
    Sprague, J. Stuart, D., & Bodary, D. (2010). The speaker’s handbook, (9th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth

Material provided by the teacher.
    100 €
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    Please note that this course runs simultaneously with Services Design so you will have to choose either or.
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    The Lecturer in Charge is Mr. Andrew Wood.

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