Global Financial Management, 5 cravaa tulostusnäkymä

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    10.02.2020 - 31.05.2020
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    Online course
    First year studies or basic business studies including financial accounting
    The student understands how multinational corporation (MNC) manage their finance and accounting operations globally. The student also gains an understanding of international financial markets and available major financial tools. The student develops skills to use financial tools in managing all kinds of exposure related to fluctuations in currency rates.
The students are able to understand, explore, and analyze multiple theoretical and applied aspects in the context of global financial management measures of the MNCs. The students understand conceptual aspects, and their practical applications from the point of view of investors, and finance managers, in the field of corporate risk management, corporate finance, international finance, accounting information analysis, strategic management accounting, financial institutions and markets, personal finance etc. (KU1)
For an MNC, which is constantly facing the tasks of identifying risks to investment and finance, minimizing exposure to various possible risks, designing risk management strategy, both, to the parent firm and its subsidiaries, and based thereon ability of making informed decisions, this course helps students to understand several concepts, and analyze practical application of these concepts in different situations of global businesses and investments contexts. Data analysis techniques, using quantitative financial analysis, investment analysis, financial forecasting etc. are applied to solve complex business problems (KU2).
Intellectual Skills: Information Management in Business
IS1: It is important for corporate managers to find reliable and valid information for decision making by conducting independent research. This requires the students to conduct a literature review of current global financial management issues in the light of underpinning theories, identify a suitable research topic and forming of the relevant research questions. The process continues by choosing an appropriate research method or methods, the collection of data and subsequent analyses, and drawing conclusions and recommendations from the results.
The positioning of this course in the BBA programme is so that it helps students to develop and enhance their understanding of the theoretical bases of global financial management that can help them to understand complex corporate financial and investment problems, and then finding their solutions in the context of MNCs.
    Financing international trade, international financial markets, exchange rate risk management, currency derivatives, MNC risk management policy, MNC assets and liabilities management, international arbitrage.
    Individual Assignments and Discussion Forum Activities.
    1. Alan C. Shapiro. Multinational Financial Management. International Student Version, Wiley.
2. Jeff Madura, International Financial Management.
    75 €
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    International operations management, earnings logic, international business awareness