Business English and Presentations, 5 cr

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    11.02.2020 - 12.05.2020
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
    Good writing and speaking skills in English, good ICT skills.
    By the end of the course, the students should be able to:
- function comfortably and effectively as a member of a virtual team
- present business-related speeches and multimedia presentations in a variety of settings using appropriate methods and tools
- support their partners and group members by offering them candid feedback on their presentations
    1. Individual presentation (leading an online, text-based group discussion related to a topic of interest)
2. Pair presentation (recording a slide-based, narrated presentation and sharing it with another pair for analysis and review)
3. Group presentation (hosting an online virtual meeting using modern productivity and communication/collaboration tools)
    The course is implemented as a virtual course with plenty of guidance and coaching through the early stages on the use of online as well as offline communication and collaboration tools. The students are trained and encouraged to connect and share with others through the independent use of such tools, and by the end of the course, they should be competent performers in the delivery of presentations to both local and remote audiences, in both real time and on demand.
    All course-related study materials are provided by the course lecturer through the course website.
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