Brand Management, 5 Cr, (Master`s level)

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    Bachelor's degree
    A brand is the most valuable asset for a company, and successful branding is at the heart of a company’s marketing activities. A brand serves as a face and uniquely differentiates one company’s offering from others. For instance, competing firms can easily copy manufacturing process and products design, but it is not easy to create firm belief and attitudes in the consumer mind. For that reason, companies invest an incredible amount of resources in developing their brands over time. Thus it is imperative for you as future managers to understand the theories, concepts and principles of brand management in your formidable task of managing brands. In this course, we will examine how to do marketing from a branding perspective. Specifically, you will learn the following:
- Understand branding related concepts, such as brand equity, and the advantages of creating a strong brand. - How to develop a brand? - How to design and implement brand marketing activities and programs? - How to measure and interpret brand performance? - How to grow and sustain the brand? - How to manage brand at digital space?

The course is aimed to develop below intended learning outcomes (ILO's)

YBBGM: Global business management competence
The Students
Understand the dynamics of the branding and are able to develop branding strategies
Understand brand management and are able to assess the branding to capture opportunities in global markets.
Understand the fundamentals of branding for new ventures and are able to make sound branding decisions.
YAMYT: Entrepreneurship, innovation and working community competence
The student is
Capable of working as a developer of working life in demanding expert and managerial positions or as an entrepreneur.
Develops and creates new operations that are customer-driven, sustainable and financially profitable, with due account taken of the foreseen changes in the operating environment.
Manages branding related things, applied research, development and brand management projects.
YAMKA: Internationalisation and communications competence
The student
Develops the brand communication plan for various channels and environments.
Predicts the effects of and opportunities provided by internationalisation development in their brand management field.
Operates in multicultural and international networks and operating environments.
    Brand management process, brand building, designing and implementing brand marketing strategies, measuring brand performance, brand sustaining and growth strategies

Developing competence in areas mentioned above requires you to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the strategic brand management process. Acquired theoretical and practical expertise in strategic brand management will help you in completing other tasks related to ‘marketing management track’ such as company projects, internships and theses. Moreover, gained competence in ‘Brand Management’ course will help you to get the job in marketing and specifically brand management related jobs.

Orientation webinar 30 Sept at 16 - 18

Master's degree studies. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) can be obtained on the basis of prior learning. Recognition of prior learning is subject to an application which correctly points out the competencies consistent with the course objectives. In addition, proof of the successful completion of the development assignment is required.
    Keller, K. L. 2012. Strategic Brand Management. Building, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity, 4th edition, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Additional Material / Recommended Reading Material

Kapferer, J.N. 2012. The New Strategic Brand Management. Advanced Insights & Strategic Thinking. Fifth Edition.
Keller K., Aperia, T. & Georgeson, M., 2012, Strategic Brand Management: A European Perspective. Prentice-Hall.

The teacher incharge will provide you with the lecture notes lectures note that contains academic literature, videos, blogs, short article, etc. related to the focused topic area.
    75 €
The studies is free-of-charge for unemployed job seekers and asylum seek.
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