Full Stack Software Development study path, 30 cr (Master`s level)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    11.01.2021 - 31.12.2021
Last enrolment date
    Online studies
Target group
    Full Stack Software Development programme covers the main aspects of modern software development. You gain understanding of modern software development tools and methods, become familiar with popular application frameworks, and learn to improve user experience. You will also have capability to design and implement secured and tested software solutions, both for backend and frontend.

Five students will be admitted into the study path based on the enrolment order.
    The requirement is a bachelor’s degree in engineering in the field of information technology or other equivalent degree

New and emerging technologies 5 cr

Modern Sofrware Development 5 cr

Data modeling and Back-end Development 5 cr

Research-based Developmet 5 cr

Application Frameworks 5 cr

User-centred Design 5 cr

    Online lectures/guidance start by default at 14.30 on Fridays and at 9.00 on Saturdays. Reserve 2-5 hours for Fridays and 3-6 hours on Saturdays.
Preliminary contacts for Spring 2021:
8.-9.1., 22.-23.1., 29.1., 5.-6.2., 19.2., 12.3., 19.3., 2.4., 16.4., 30.4., 14.-15.4.

300 €

If you are an unemployed job seeker or asylum seeker in Finland, the studies are free of charge for you. In this case, do not proceed to the online payment and deliver the certificate immediately by secure email. Please follow the instructions here: https://www.jamk.fi/en/Education/Open-studies/Registration-and-Fees/

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