Open Studies / Tourism and Hospitality

Single courses

Course Time Registration DL Place
Future Technology in Tourism, 5 cr (online course)22.03. - 21.05.202128.02.2021Online course
Hotel management, 5 cr22.03. - 14.05.202128.02.2021
Event Management, 5 cr (Online course)15.02. - 28.05.202131.01.2021Online course
Nature Based Tourism, 5 cr (Online course)15.02. - 25.04.202131.01.2021Online course
Wellbeing Tourism, 5 cr (online course)15.02. - 25.04.2021Online registration is closedOnline course
Approach to Cultural Tourism, 5 cr15.02. - 09.04.2021Online registration is closedOnline
Destination Management, 5 cr15.02. - 28.05.2021Online registration is closed
From Idea to Product in Cultural Tourism, 5 cr12.04.2021 - 03.06.2022Online registration is closedOnline
Selling and Distribution, 5 cr22.03. - 21.05.2021Online registration is closed
Marketing Management, 5 cr (online course)15.02. - 25.04.2021Online registration is closedOnline studies
Basics of Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages, 5 cr (online course)16.01. - 08.03.2021Online registration is closedOnline
Food and Consumer, 5 cr (online course)16.01. - 29.03.2021Online registration is closed
Human Resources Management, 5 cr11.01. - 19.03.2021Online registration is closed
Selling and Sales Support, 5 cr (online course)11.01. - 12.05.2021Online registration is closed