Information and Communications Technology Study Path 2, 31 cravaa tulostusnäkymä

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Consists of 1.year Information and Communications Technology degree`s studies. The final number of credits may vary if support courses are needed.


By completing the study path studies, you can apply through the open route and enter the degree studies without entrance exams.

    10.01.2022 - 20.05.2022
Last enrolment date
    Jyväskylä, Piippukatu 2, Dynamo
Target group
    For those who aim at the degree programme in Information and Communications Technology and have taken Study Path 1 in the autumn 2021.
Contents (choose 1 year of study, semester 1S):


English for working life 4 cr

Math2 Functions 3 cr

Math3 Derivate and Integral 3 cr

Phys1 Force and Motion 3 cr

Linux Basics 5 cr

Digital Technology and Hardware 5 cr

Databases 4 cr

Project Management and Practices 4 cr


    Full-time studies.

150 €

If you are an unemployed jobseeker, laid-off or an asylum seeker, the studies will be free of charge for you. In this case, bypass the online payment and send the certificate via security email immediately. Instructions:


With the study path fee, you can take the studies included in the path and, if possible, additional studies during the path.

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Other info

The intake is 3 students according to the time of enrollment (the ones in study path 1). If you are a customer of TE Services, please note that studying in this path is considered full time.

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