Event Management, 5 cr

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    02.09.2019 - 24.10.2019
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
    The student understands the concepts related to service operations and has basic customer competence. The student understands how the tourism industry has developed and what it comprises in Finland and abroad. The student understands the general concepts and phenomena related to tourism as well as the principles of sustainable tourism.
    The student deepens his/her competence in Events. He/she understands the significance of operations from the perspective of national tourism and also perceives its international aspects. The student knows Events’ actors and key services. The student is able to describe critical success factors related to the events’ process and apply them in practice in the implementation of high-quality Events. He/she knows the significance of the Event business from the perspective of different field of industries and actors (such as hotels or sports). The student understands the special characteristics related to organising an Event. He/she is able to analyse the functionality of Event services.
    -Event Management
-Functional environment of Events
-Customers’ service path to different events
-Particles of event production
-ROI - assessment method
    Lectures, group working, business visits, self reflection
    - Raj, R. & Musgrave, J. 2009. Event management and sustainability. Oxfordshire: CABI.

- Mehndiratt, Vaibhav: 2008. Event management, Abhishek Publications

- Shone, A. & B. Parry, 2004. Successful event management. A practical handbook. London: Thomson Learning
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