Cultural Nursing, 3 cravaa tulostusnäkymä

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    11.01.2021 - 12.03.2021
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    School of Health and Social Services, Piippukatu 2 / Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä.
This course introduces you to cultural effects on individuals, families and communities in every-day life and health care, as well as environmental risks for health and well-being.

Guidance and interaction competence
Internationalization and communications competence

You recognize cultural effects on individuals, families and communities in every-day life, communication and health beliefs and values. You have basic skills for operating in multicultural environment. You know cultural concepts related to health care context. You are able to plan evidence-based nursing care and counseling for patients and families from different cultural backgrounds in ethical and culturally sensitive manner. You know about global environmental risks for health and well-being. You know the most common tropical diseases and basics of their nursing and medical care as well prevention of the illnesses.
    - Basics of multicultural nursing theories
- Basic concepts of multicultural nursing
- Cross-cultural communication
- Environmental health
- Health related cultural beliefs and values
- Tropical diseases
    45 €

If you are an unemployed jobseeker, laid-off or an asylum seeker, the studies will be free of charge for you. In this case, bypass the online payment and send the certificate via security email immediately. Instructions:
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