Single courses

Course Time Registration DL Place
Basics of Purchasing 5 cr (nonstop) (CampusOnline)01.03. - 31.08.2021Online registration is not yet openOnline studies
3D Modelling CATIA V6, 3 cr (nonstop) (CampusOnline)01.01. - 16.05.202130.04.2021Online studies
Sources and Potentials of Different Biomass By-products, 4 cr (CampusOnline)22.03. - 10.05.202130.04.2021Online studies
Basics of Purchasing 5 cr (nonstop) (CampusOnline)01.12.2020 - 31.05.202128.02.2021Online studies
Future Technology in Tourism, 5 cr (Campusonline)22.03. - 21.05.202128.02.2021Online course
Multicultural Work in Social and Healthcare Services, 5 cr (CampusOnline)15.03. - 21.05.202128.02.2021Online course
Purchasing management (Master's level) 5 cr (nonstop) (CampusOnline)07.01. - 31.05.202128.02.2021Online studies
Esports coaching, 5 cr (Campusonline)15.02. - 21.05.202131.01.2021
Nature Based Tourism, 5 cr (Campusonline)15.02. - 25.04.202131.01.2021Online course
Sport Tourism, 5 cr (Campusonline)15.02. - 25.04.202131.01.2021Online course
Sexual Health Promotion and Human Rights, 5 cr (CampusOnline, Master's level)08.02. - 18.06.2021Online registration is closedOnline course
Approach to Cultural Tourism, 5 cr (Campusonline)15.02. - 09.04.2021Online registration is closedOnline
From Idea to Product in Cultural Tourism, 5 cr (Campusonline)12.04.2021 - 03.06.2022Online registration is closedOnline