Plant Nutrients from Biobased By-products, 3 cr (CampusOnline)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    07.01.2021 - 16.05.2021
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    Online studies
    Purpose of the course?

Agricultural competence

Lerning outcomes
You know the importance of plant nutrients and the harmfulness of heavy metals to plant growth and soil. You understand the role of organic matter in soil management. You recognize the by-products used as fertilizers, you are familiar with their properties and can analyze their usability in crop production.
    Plant nutrients, organic matter and heavy metals from the point of view of the need for balanced plant growth. As a source of nutrients, by-products suitable for plants, and the effects of their composition and quality on their usability.
Further Information
    The course is suitable for students of agrology and exchange students of the JAMK Institute of Bioeconomy.
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    Please inform cancellations by email to: Please add the course details and your contact information. Thank you.

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