3D Modelling CATIA V6, 3 cr (nonstop)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    08.05.2020 - 18.12.2020
    17.06.2020 mennessä
    Online studies
Edeltävä osaaminen
    Basic knowledge of Technical drawing and CAD.
    The students master 3D-modelling. The student are able to model solid models and also surface models, sheet metal components and knows basic of FEM calculation. They master parametric feature modelling and the production of workshop drawings based on a 3D model. The students are able to model different types of 3D –models. They are able to make workshop drawings according to technical drawings standards.
    3D modelling methods. Model structure and the use of structure tree. The hierarchy of features and assemblies. Creating drawings on a model and an assembly parts list on an assembly drawing. Parametrisation at model level.
    The course includes instructional videos and file-based teaching materials, as well as self-correcting tests with feedback. The teacher gives guidance through the learning environment question box and by email. The course is non-stop course with no start-up lectures. Instructions for starting work can be found in video and text.


As of 1 January 2020, courses at JAMK open UAS are free for unemployed jobseekers and asylum seekers in Finland. This is a trial that will last until the end of 2020. More information on our website: https://www.jamk.fi/en/Education/Open-studies/Registration-and-Fees/

Muu informaatio
    The students must have own computer, not MAC.

You can download the training program free of charge once the course has started on your own computer. Instructions for installation are in the online learning environment.