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    09.09.2019 - 20.12.2019
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
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    A2 (Common European Framework of Reference for languages)
    The students will more profoundly understand Hispanic culture also in work-related situations. They are able to adequately apply their linguistic and cultural knowledge in basic interaction in everyday situations, for example at work and when traveling in Spanish speaking countries. The students are able to manage brief telephone conversations and presentations, talk about opinions, and formulate messages, stories and descriptions in writing.
    Spain and Spanish speaking world: interaction in everyday life, holidays, traveling and work, media and the news, brief presentations and negotiations. The central grammar includes the future, the past tenses and the subjunctive (present tense). The contents may be changed to some extent later.
    Virtual studies account for one credit in the combined face-to-face and distance learning.
    Corpas J., Garmendia A. & Soriano C. 2014. Aula 3 Curso de español. Nueva Edición (B1.1). Difusión, Barcelona. Spain.
Lecturer will provide copies with CDs for purchase or hire (deposit).
    75 €.

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