Diversity as a Driver at Work 3 Cr, nonstop-online

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    Work communities in educational organisations and their networks are comprised of diverse aspects such as profession, age, ethnicity, competence as well as temperament. Acknowledging and respecting diversity can increase well-being of work communities, but to do so at the individual level, can be demanding and energy-sapping. Is diversity seen as a resource or a liability?

Join us on a journey to discover how to develop diversity as a driver for a workforce. Raise your awareness of human diversity at work. Consider your own understanding of ‘inner-skills’ when encountering diversity at work. Become familiar with flexibility and adaptability in teaching and tutoring your students.

Training will be implemented online available 24/7 both in Finnish and English language.
    - 31.10.2018
    30.09.2018 mennessä
    The personnel and management of vocational colleges and adult education centres, including their stakeholders.
    • Diverisity at Work Community
• Resilience, motivation and self-efficacy as inner-skills
• Adaptable and flexible teaching
    The course is available nonstop where you explore the material, complete individual assignments and reflect on your actions. You are able to finish the course in your own time until 31.10.2018.

Eila Burns and Kaija Peuna-Korpioja, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College
    Tiia Isohanni-Pynnönen, tiia.isohanni-pynnonen@jamk.fi, +358 50 412 9136
Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College
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    The invitation letter will be send in a week from enrolment by email.

More information about enrolment:
Minna Demirel, Education Secretary, minna.demirel@jamk.fi, +358 50 591 3658
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