Leadership Skills and Quality Assurance, 5 cr

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    14.05.2018 - 20.06.2018
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    Online course
    The students are familiar with the social and health care sector services and customer work methods and have taken part in the activities of multiprofessional teams.
    The students are familiar with the principles and concepts of good leadership. They are able to act as members and leaders of multiprofessional and intercultural teams. They understand the significance of quality efforts in leadership and service development. The students understand the financial preconditions for providing social and health services.
    Concepts and styles of leadership, stress management and welfare as a leader´s task, intercultural leadership, self- management and intrapreneurship of employees, team leadership, quality leadership of health and social services, financial processes in leader´s work.
    The course is an e-learning course with learning assignment or exam, which can be done online by Exam-programme in the Jamk Main Library located in Jyväskylä. Distance lectures are carried out by Adobe Connect system. The lectures are recorded advanced for getting orientation to issues. Assignments are virtual and there are optional time table and assignments. The course has been planned to Optima -platform and Cloud-tools are added to complete Optima learning environment. Web- pages will be opened a week before course begins and student has to ensure his/her coming in a week.
    - Kelly, P., Tazbir, J. 2014. Essentials of nursing leadership & management. Pages 1-13, 113-115, 139-142. Clifton Park, Ny. Cengage Learning.
- Peter Northouse, G.2015. Third Edition. Introduction to Leadership. Concepts and Practice. Pages 1-7, 21-27, 49-64, 70, 83-103, 105-107, 109-111, 123-137, 171-194, 221-229, 249, 261- 273. Western Michigan University. Sage Publication, Inc.
- Teacher´s recorded lectures.
- Latest scientific articles.
    75 €
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