Empowering Creativity, 5 cr

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    13.05.2019 - 18.06.2019
    28.04.2019 mennessä
    Jamk, School of Health and Social Studies, Piippukatu 2/ Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
Edeltävä osaaminen
    The students know the general and ethical basis of health- and social services.
    The students understand the significance of creativity in their personal and professional growth and well being. They know how to use the innovative and empowering possibilities of creative methods in self-expression, problem solving, multi professional health promotion, education, rehabilitation, and community work.
    Theories of creativity, creative problem solving and innovation in general and in nursing, rehabilitation and social services with different clients.

Methods of photography, creative movement and dance in health care, rehabilitation and social services.
    Kick off, team work and final work/exhibition/presentation with or to the audience or clients of health and social care.
    Anttila, E. 2003. A dream journey to the unknown. Searching for dialogue in dance education. Acta scenica 14. Helsinki: Yliopistopaino.

Garcia, M. E., Plevin, M. & Macagno, P. Creative movement and dance. 2012. Rooma: Gremese.

Savolainen, M. 2008. The Loveliest Girl in the World. Photography book.
    75 €
    Teija Häyrynen (firstname.lastname@jamk.fi)
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    Part of this course is possible to perform in research, development and innovation projects.

Please see the course schedule from the link below.

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