Sustainable Food Business, 10 cr

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    11.02.2019 - 21.05.2019
    27.01.2019 mennessä
    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä
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    Innovation processes course competence
    Student knows the principles of the present local and global food business.
Student understands the meaning of social, environment, cultural and economic sustainability in the food business.
Student is aware of the possibilities of turning sustainability into an asset for business in the food chain.
Student understand the central fast changing role of the consumer in the demand formation of food business.

The students know how to promote the objectives of sustainable development, and to apply the principles of sustainable development in their own professional fields.
    -the content and dimensions of sustainable development
-Brand strategy
-redesigning our food system through project-based, experiential learning and entrepreneurship
- applying design thinking to real-world opportunities in the food system
- Future Trends in Food Business
- The Design as Process (2), Innovation as an Outcome
- The Active Design of Sustainability Food Business
    The primary modes of delivery are face-to-face learning, distance learning (e.g. virtual lectures, virtual studies) and combined face-to-face and distance learning.
    Will be specified at the beginning of the course, specific to the Projects undertaken
    150 €

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