Restaurant's beverage products, 5 cr

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    To know the basic ingredients, production methods and producing areas for the different alcoholic beverages. To have an understanding about the importance of alcoholic beverages for the restaurant business. To have a basic level of systematic sensory evaluation technique of beverages.
Know how to use labeling terms on a bottle to deduce the style
and flavour of still wines produced in the key wine producing
countries of the world.
Know how to use the labeling terms on a bottle to deduce the
style, flavour and method of production of the most important sparkling and fortified wines, spirits and liqueurs of the the world.
Be able to provide information and advice to customers and staff
about wines and spirits
Be able to produce analytical tasting notes of wines using
industry recognised tasting terms.
Know the basics of beer and cider production and styles.
To relate beverages into big picture of sustainable gastronomy.
Is able to reflect one's own learning process.
    The factors affecting the style, quality and price of wines.
The main wine producing countries and grape varieties.
Most popular styles of wines, beers and strong alcoholic beverages.
The sustainable approach to alcoholic beverages as whole.
    Sensory assessment
Small group work
    WSET Level 2 Award in wines and spirits study pack 2017(Wines and Spirits: Looking behind the Label and work book)
    75 € + A study pack costs 80 € and WSET exam 80 €. A study pack will be charged separately.
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    A study pack costs 80 € and WSET exam 80 €. Course is compulsory for the restaurant and catering oriented students. Other students are welcome if the course is not fully-booked.

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