Future Applications and Trends of Tourism Technology, 5 cr

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    11.03.2019 - 10.05.2019
    28.01.2019 - 24.02.2019
    Virtual studies
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    Basic knowledge in tourism business
    After the course student is aware of the trends of the technological applications in global tourism business and he/she understands the significant role of new technological innovations in the development of new product concepts in tourism business. Student has a broad understanding of the possibilities that new technologies offers to tourism and he/she is capable to design new application concepts based on the future technology. Student has a basic knowledge of design and innovation process of new technological applications in tourism business.
    Trends in tourism technology
New technology and its applications in tourism and hospitality business
Innovation process and practices
    Online course including online lessons, individual learning tasks, virtual collaboration, and group work. Visiting (online)lectures and presentations from the tourism and technology business. Also applicable study tours may be applied.
Course implementation includes self-paced elements, but also active online-discussion plays a significant role.
    To be defined in the beginning of the course implementation.
    75 €
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    Learning takes place in OpenMoodle.
Course is a part of the eTourismCurriculum network. (http://www.etourismcurriculum.fi/)

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