Quantitative Research Methods, 5 cr (Master`s level)

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    Research and development competences in Bachelor's degree
    The student develop skills of data management, analysis, interpretation and drawing inferences in the context of real life situation by applying various quantitative research methods i.e. descriptive and inferential statistical methods. The ‘real life’ situation can be either actual thesis topic or a chosen phenomenon in order to complete this course.
After students theorize and create hypotheses, students investigate the chosen business phenomena. The findings are then placed in relation to their hypotheses in order to draw inferences and provide future research suggestions.
Students also explore issues pertaining to data sources, dissertation management, and software applications. The quantitative analysis is the core aspect of this course which is done with the help of SPSS. The students also learn to present, interpret, and compare their findings through tabular and pictorial/graphical presentations.
    1. Understanding SPSS environment
2. Graphical/descriptive data presentation
3. Hypotheses building
4. Descriptive analysis
5. Correlation analysis
6. Bivariate, Multivariate and Logistic Regression analysis
7. Tests of significance
8. Presenting and inferring quantitative findings in thesis
    Exercises and assignments, lectures(in-person and virtual)and distance assignment
    1. Research Methods for Business Students Mark N.K. Saunders,
Philip Lewis and Adrian Thornhill. 5th or 6th Edition, Pearson publishers,
2. Lecture slides and spreadsheets
    75 €

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