Creativity Management, 3 cr (Master`s level)

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    04.06.2019 - 20.06.2019
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    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä, Finland
    This course is ideally suited for students intending to expand their creative talent competence in international business environments (specially in global innovation and product/service revitalization areas). This course is as well highly recommended for students from music, arts and other backgrounds, aiming to focus their creative talent towards tangible results.

The first part of the course will focus on developing students powerful creative engine. Solid conceptual frameworks will guide the discovery and understanding of participants own creative processes. These concepts will be accompanied by inspiring 'creative-flow based' experiential assignments.

This section will end with a useful 'creativity management' toolbox, aimed to managing effectively anti-creative personalities in teammates.

The second part of the course will vigorously redirect the creative power towards the world of International Business. The post-crisis environment has created highly 'value aware' and informed consumers, who continuously demand more value at lower costs. Powerful creative tools will be utilized towards:
- Escaping product commoditization
- Revitalizing global products and services through 'out of the box' ideas
- Implementing radical turnarounds in the product/service offering: making great global product comebacks
- Inspiring consumers towards 'out of the box' product and service experiences
    • Creativity Management Overview
o Creativity and International Business
o Key Ideas and False Legends
• Creativity Stimulation Tools and Processes
o Opening Creative Intelligence
o Creativity Activation Tools
o Creative Mental States
• Advanced Creative Processes
o Flow: Activation and Maintenance
o Synectics and Creative Analogies
o Lateral Thinking
o Anchoring and Sustaining Creativity
• Managing Anti-Creative Team Personalities
• Creativity Applications in International Business
o Whole-Service Value Analysis Tools
o Activating the Idea Generation Engines: Incubating Global Innovations
o Revitalizing Product Offerings: TRIZ, Value Enhancement Tools
o Radical Turnaround of Global Products and Services: Powerful Customer Value Comebacks
• From Creativity to Global Business Innovation: Managing the Transition
    Contact lessons, exercises, home assignments
    The trainer will provide its own materials package. Recommended additional literature will be added during 2017, in order to adapt the materials to the most recent trends.
    45 €

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    Lecturer Jesus Belle
School of Business Summer School

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