Farm Scale Energy Production from Solid Biofuels, 3 cr (online course)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    07.01.2021 - 16.05.2021
    13.12.2020 mennessä
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    The students know the basic concepts of the energy sector and the basics of energy production in the rural areas.
They can determine the amount of energy needed for the production of warm water and the heating of premises of a real farm, and they can select suitable solid biomass heating equipment for energy production.
They can estimate the energy consumption structures of different farms.
They are able to estimate the usability of the available biomass by-products for energy production on farm and small-scale district heating scales and the possibilities of solar energy on farm-scale.
    - energy consumption structure on farms , ,
- usability of available solid biomass by-products ,for energy production
- technical solutions for solid biomass heating and solar energy
- designing and logistical placement of farm and ,district-heating scale heating systems
    Online lectures, online assessment, peer feedback, independent study and exercises in Optima –virtual learning environment. Digital materials in Thinglink-environment and videos on JAMK website are provided during the course.
    Alakangas, E., Hurskainen, M., Laatikainen-Luntama, J. & Korhonen, J. 2016. Properties of Indigenous Fuels in Finland.

Ariterm bio heating guide. 2014.
    45 €
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    The course is a part of the 10 ECTS credit course module “Farm scale Utilization of Biobased By-products\"
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