Food and Consumer, 5 Cr

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    26.10.2020 - 18.12.2020
    03.08.2020 - 27.09.2020
    Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä, Finland
    Student can identify and define the main factors affecting consumer behavior and food consumption in different situations.
Student can identify and explain the characteristics of the alternative food networks (AFN) / urban food systems.
Student can indicate the basic principles of consumer communication and marketing, and discuss about these topics.
Student can implement a qualitative consumer study, he/she is able to analyze the results obtained and evaluate the study outcome.
    In this course we take the perspective of consumers in relation to the food sector; focusing on the factors affecting consumer behavior in food consumption. We discuss about trends in food consumption both at the national and global scale, food as an experience and lifestyle for consumer and how media/influencers can affect it, and how the food chain is trying to affect on consumer with nudging, for example. We conduct the consumer study as a group work. This project deals with the current topics of food consumption and food system.
    Lectures (or online material and webinars for the online course), individual assignments and group assignment based on experimental learning. Group discussion will be common during classes.
    Study material will be appointed in the beginning of the course. The material will consist from the books available via JAMK library and online material.
    75 €
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