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    01.03.2021 - 30.08.2021
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    Online studies
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    Basic use of computers
Basic knowledge of logistics processes
    Student can describe the benefits of automatic identification systems for business and can compare RFID and bar code systems through their strengths and weaknesses. Student can describe the basic operation method for most common identification systems.

Student can describe how a system used for collecting data from vehicles work and can list what kind of data can be collected. Student can also summarize what kind of benefits transport companies achieve by collecting data.

Student can describe how the most common information systems are utilized and what kind of benefits they can bring. Student can describe and summarize how new technologies like Bid Data, Industrial Internet of Things and Blockchain are related to logistics and business management.

Student can conduct a research on a chosen subject and present the findings in a compact manner. Student also learns how to use video to deliver results.

YHT-OPP: Student knows how to gather information from various sources and assess its trustworthiness. Student can make a compact presentation based on the received information.
TELIN: Students learns what kind of information systems are utilized by logistics companies.
EUR-ACE Knowledge and Understanding: Student receives good understanding of the technologies used by logistics companies.
EUR-ACE Transferable Skills: Student practices working in a group and participates in giving and receiving of feedback.
EUR-ACE Investigations: Student knows how to conduct searches utilizing different sources of information.
    The contents of the course comprises the basics from the fields of:
- Identification and positioning systems and technologies
- Bar code and RFID-technologies and their usage in company processes
- GPS positioning system
- Intelligent transport systems
- Fleet telematics
- Information systems and their strategic meaning
- Big Data and Industrial Internet of Things
    Course contains self study, peer learning and online studies. Course contains a variety of learning assignment.
Assessment is based on learning assignments. This course doesn't have an exam.
    Is described in the learning environment.

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