Project: Quality Management Nutshell (QMN) 5 cravaa tulostusnäkymä

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    17.05.2021 - 24.06.2021
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    Interest in International Business.
    The primary modes of delivery are face-to-face learning, distance learning (e.g. virtual lectures, virtual studies) and combined face-to-face and distance learning.
Assignments, doing one real assignment of the real company. The assignment is completed in groups of 2-4 students during the times scheduled for the course. The students will independently find a company which either has adopted a quality system or which plans to do so. The assignment can also be on other than ISO 9000 based quality systems. The teacher will assist you in finding this target company. All kind of companies is compatible for this project-case: Social and Health Care, Health Care Business, Travelling Business, Hotels and Restaurants, Marketing Offices, Education, and of course; All International Business.

More exact information on the work placements linked to the course shall be provided by the teacher during the first contact lessons of the course.
    Hoyle, David. 2007. Quality Management Essentials. Great Britain: Elsevier.
Additional Material / Recommended Reading Material:Will be specified at the beginning of the course.
    Price: 75 €
If you are an unemployed jobseeker, laid-off or an asylum seeker, the studies are free of charge. In this case, do not proceed to online payment and use the secure email to submit the certificate without delay. Instructions:
    Matti Mieskolainen
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The course code is IIE12140-3001. Use the code to view the course schedule at NOTE! Online courses may not have a schedule.

6 contact lessons in weeks 20-25 / 2021 on Wednesday, 14-18 o`clock in Zoom (option, without Corona's limits: Dynamo class D310 19th May, D436 26th May + 2nd/9th/16th/23rd Jun).