COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges and Solutions of Rehabilitation and Social Work, 3 cr (Online course, Bachelor's level)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    31.05.2021 - 04.06.2021
    09.05.2021 mennessä
    Online course
    - COVID-19 influences on students' well-being and support approach in Finland
- Green Care
- The challenges and possibilities of distance rehabilitation and digital guiding
- Practical examples how to support one's participation in meaningful everyday activities during the COVID-19
    45 €

As of 1 January 2020, courses at JAMK open UAS are free for unemployed jobseekers and asylum seekers. This is a trial that will last until the end of 2021. Reed more on our website!
    Heidi Kihlström ( and Maija Jylhä (
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