European Corporate Finance, 3 cr (Master's level)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    02.06.2023 - 22.06.2023
    21.05.2023 mennessä
    Jyväskylä, Rajakatu 35
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    Basic knowledge of Economics or any discipline of business studies.
    This course examines important issues in corporate finance in Europe from the perspective of financial managers, who are responsible for making significant financial decisions. The various contents of the course have been designed in such a way that they not only establish a logical and systematic relationship with each other, but such mutual relationship is also integrated with the strategic decision-making process of corporates functioning in the European business environment. For example topic such as assets valuation on the one hand highlighting investing side and capital structure, cost of capital and payout policy highlighting financing side not only demonstrate their mutual interactions but also convey their overall relationship with the corporate strategy in the light of several vital determinants such as tax laws, bankruptcy laws, risk management practices and managerial incentives in Europe.

This course is comprising of various topics including the concept of present value, the opportunity cost of capital, discounted cash flow analysis, valuation techniques, issues between short & long term financial management, risk and return, capital asset pricing model, capital budgeting, corporate capital structure and financing decisions, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), global financial management including exchange including for example exchange rate risk analysis, and issues of corporate governance and control.

In this course due importance has also been given to the core theoretical concepts related to each topic to develop intellectual discourse, creative thinking and problem-solving skills of students. The study of course contents in the light of diverse business environments enable students to understand diverse theoretical aspects and empirical studies through critical perspectives and contextualize the course contents in various scenario/settings. Similarly, there is explicit emphasis laid on the quantitative data analysis in this course.
    Assets valuation, Capital Structure Dynamics and Corporate Strategy, Impact of taxes on Financing Choice, Dividend policy & Share Repurchases; Bankruptcy Costs and Debt Holder-Equity Holder Conflicts; Managerial Incentives and Financial Decisions, M&As, Corporate Strategy, Risk Management (including use of financial derivatives), and Real Options.
    Fully in-classroom, though occasional reference of pre-recorded lectures will be made.
    Grinblatt, M. & Titman, S. Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy. McGraw Hill.
Shapiro, A. Multinational Financial Management, 8th Edition, J. Wiley & Sons.
Madura, J. International Financial Management, 10th edition, South-Western College Publishing (A division of International Thomson Publishing Inc.)
Brealey, Richard A., Myers, Stewart C., Allen, Franklin. Principles of Corporate Finance, (Mcgraw-hill/Irwin).
Recommended research articles
Lecture notes, case studies and exercises.

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    Assignments and presentations.
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