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    02.06.2023 - 22.06.2023
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    Students should have an understanding of basic business principles and the role of international trade on domestic markets, but not required.
    If there is one product that all students share in common, it is clothing. Clothing is not simply a product; clothing is a cultural commodity that transcends all borders and is a driving force behind international global trade in the sale of goods. A fundamental element of the production, distribution, and sale of clothing that a global business manager must concern themselves is contract law. Contract law is unavoidable, but it is also an exciting part of a manager’s responsibilities. A contract is a strategic document that outlines the relationship and obligations between individuals and organizations and it must be drafted to take into consideration numerous variables and possibilities. From labor and employment contracts to transportation, distribution, and retail contracts, the supply chain and entire life cycle of clothing is permeated with contracts. Contract law is an essential area of business that all managers must understand and apparel is an ideal industry through which to explain contract law to students.

The course is designed to provide a basic understanding and appreciation for contract law through the global apparel industry and will provide students with an opportunity to consider the complexity of contracts in the lifecycle of clothing. Within the framework of traditional ethics, cultural considerations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), UN Sustainability Development Goals, and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the course will explore a number of issues including sustainable sourcing, labor and employment concerns, globalization, and creating an overall sustainable supply chain through contracts.

The first part of the course will address ethical frameworks, cultural considerations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the UN Sustainability Development Goals as they relate to the production, distribution, and sale of clothing in order to provide the necessary common language for the students’ to effectively discuss the ethical issues an international business manager may encounter in contract law. The class will utilize case studies and group discussions to consider ethical issues.

The second part of the course addresses the fundamentals of contract law focusing on a variety of contracts, in particular, the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and employment and labor contracts within the context of creating sustainable supply chain management in the clothing/fashion industry. Students will study contract law using case studies, role-play, and team projects in which teams negotiate and draft contracts from the perspective of different stakeholders.

The third part of the course addresses different cultural perspectives to contract formation and the types of remedies and dispute resolution mechanisms available when there is a breach of the contract. Student teams will present their case studies, student drafted contracts, issues presented and suggested solutions.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Describe traditional ethical frameworks, cultural considerations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the UN Sustainability Goals.
• Describe the elements necessary to create an enforceable contract.
• Understand the role of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
• Understand the difference between labor and employment contracts, sales contracts, and a variety of other contracts in the supply chain.
• Understand the remedies for breach of contract and the available mechanisms for dispute resolution.
• Understand their own country’s contract law and issues.
• Develop a greater understanding of the issues related to the global apparel industry.
• Understand the cultural influences in contract formation and dispute resolution.
• Explain the role of sustainability and social responsibility in contract formation.
• Understand the role of contracts
    Week 1 – Ethical Frameworks: Addressing foundational and cross-cultural ethical considerations through discussion of case studies and role-playing. TBD.

Week 2 – Legal Frameworks: Understanding the nature of contact law at all levels of the supply-chain process. Breaking into teams to negotiate and draft simple contracts. TBD.

Week 3 – Breach of Contract: Dispute resolution remedies and team presentations. TBD.
    45 €. If you are an unemployed jobseeker or an asylum seeker, the studies are free of charge. Studies are also free for people who have fled Ukraine and are in Finland with temporary protection -status. In these cases, do not proceed to online payment and use the secure email to submit the certificate without delay. Instructions:
    Course lecturer is
Dr Sean James Shannon, PhD, JD
Lecturer of Law
School of Economics and Business
State University of New York
College at Oneonta
324C Netzer Building
Oneonta, New York 13820
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