JAMK Pre-Incubator 5 ECTSavaa tulostusnäkymä

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    05.03.2020 - 14.05.2020
    02.03.2020 mennessä
    For students from Gradia and Jyväskylä University and for students graduated from JAMK within a year.
Edeltävä osaaminen
    Students have a business idea on which tehy will be working during coaching.

Students are admitted to the JAMK Pre-Incubator by their applications.
    After the Pre-Incubator’s first phase students will have the opportunity to:
1) Set up a business (students will have the opportunity to continue the development of their business in the JAMK Business Incubator);
2) Develop further the business idea (students will have the opportunity to continue in the Pre-Incubator’s 2nd phase);
3) Abandon the business idea (students will have the opportunity to continue in the Pre-Incubator with a new idea).
    A business plan, commercialisation, pricing, market analysis, competitor analysis, marketing and sales plan, profitability calculations, sources of funding
    Workshops, independet tasks for developing student s own business idea, coachin and consultation.
    The material will be defined at teh beginning of teh course in according to teh needs of students goals fo learning.
Lisätietoja ilmoittautumisesta
    Update your CV and prepare a brief description of your business idea. Submit your open application to the contact person mentioned below. The Pre-Incubator will be conducted in English.

Can be chosen at any point of the studies.