Sport Tourism, 5 cr (Campusonline)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    10.02.2020 - 15.05.2020
    15.01.2020 mennessä
    Online course
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    The student has studied tourism and understands general concepts and phenomena related to tourism. The student understands how the tourism industry has developed and what it comprises in Finland and abroad.
    The student is able to identify different actors and operations in sport tourism.

He/she understands the motives of sport tourists and the theme’s significance to the competitiveness of companies.

He/she understands the concepts, phenomena and special characteristics related to sport tourism nationally and internationally.

He/she knows the national theme-promoting strategies and development policies.
    - Sport tourism concepts and phenomena
- Sport tourism nationally and internationally
– Special characteristics and strategic emphases
- Sport tourism actors and customers
- Sport tourism services
    Online lectures/ videos
independent reading materials and information search
online discussions
Virtual learning and assignments
    Higham, James E. S. , Hinch, Thomas: Sport and tourism: globalization, mobility and identity
Hinch, Thomas , Higham, James: Sport tourism development, 2004
Hudson, Simon et al: Sport and Adventure Tourism, 2012