Cultural Tourism, 5 cr (Online course)avaa tulostusnäkymä

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    10.02.2020 - 15.05.2020
    31.01.2020 mennessä
    Online course
Edeltävä osaaminen
    The student understands the concepts related to service operations and has basic customer competence. The student understands how the tourism industry has developed and what it comprises nationally and internationally. The student understands the general concepts and phenomena related to tourism as well as the principles of sustainable tourism.
    The student knows the emphases and significance of cultural tourism from the national and international perspective. He/she knows the national theme-promoting strategies and development policies. He/she understands the concepts, phenomena and special characteristics related to cultural tourism and is able to utilise them in analysing operations. He/she is able to perceive different actors and operations in cultural tourism. The student understands motives of a cultural traveller and the theme’s significance to the competitiveness of the company.
    • Cultural tourism concepts and phenomena
• Cultural tourism nationally and internationally – special characteristics and strategic emphasises
• Cultural tourism actors and customers
• Cultural tourism services
    Virtual lectures
Independent work and discussions
    Current cultural tourism strategies and development projects.
Other topical material assigned by the teacher.
    75 €